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Fabulous course today and Biljana was wonderful and very informative. Have attended a number of very good course with APPI so thanks!

Instructor excellent.

Made it very relevant to clinical practice.

The instructor was absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed the course.

Very informative with lots of inspirations (relevant and clear. Fantastic presenter.

Great to have a specialist in the area with life experience.

The presenter. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. Presenter very passionate and engaging and knowledgeable.

Instructor - very informative / knowledgeable. Case studies - time to structure class.

Enjoyed the practical element and practising exercises [and the] case studies.

- Ante & Post Natal Participants (2016 June)

Can I just say again was a fabulous course today and Biljana was wonderful and very informative. Have attended a number of very good course with APPI so thanks
 - P.W., Ante & Post Natal Participant

Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the course at the weekend. It was really brilliant and even though the sun was shining brightly outside I was really happy to be inside learning. Both you and Laura (please pass on to her) were very inspiring and great teachers. Thank you very much! 
- APPI Course participant

Lots of chance to ask questions & practice exercises. 

Nice to have informal opportunity to revise exercises. Good revision and opportunity to identify bad habits. Excellent presenter. 

Recapped areas I had forgotten, reinstalled. New clinical findings. 

Going through matwork exercises and also the general practical examples & modifications given by Sarah. 

Sarah was a great presenter. 

Really good talking through the exam process. 

Opportunity to refresh and revise matwork. 

Practical, flexible approach. Presenter exceptional. Good to get information about practical issues eg. Running classes. 

Good revision. 

Excellent presentation skills, very approachable and encouraging. 

Going through difficult exercises was beneficial. 

- APPI Pilates Refresher Day participants

Sarah was a great presenter, very approachable and lots of examples for modifications of exercises. 

Very enjoyable. 

New ideas, very functional and applicable, lovely presentig and teaching, small group was lovely. 

The presenter was excellent. Very informative.  Inspirational. A fantastic weekend. Cant wait to start using it. 

Practical element, very enjoyable, delivery excellent. 

- APPI 3D Standing Pilates Course participants

Loved the reformers, good location. 

Well delivered. 

Learning variety of exercises correction on reformer, level of feedback, discussion for classes etc. 

Exciting to be part of the first reformer course. 

Loved using the reformers! 

- APPI Reformer Level 1 Course participants

Evidence based and easy to follow. 

The information was presented in a lovely manor , really felt I have gained lots of ideas in a safe and understanding way. Really enjoyed the day. 

Really enjoyed Sarah's teaching style. Enjoyed the movement throughout the day and that it was done as one whole group rather than breaking into smaller groups. Much better pace and kept my attention. 

Extremely informative. Great modifications throughout. Really enjoyed the day, learnt lots. Will definitely book for more courses. 

Specific exercises for osteoporosis and contraindications. 

Clear, easy to follow instructions, made us feel comfortable to ask any questions. 

Sarah is a great presenter, efficient, fast, knowledgeable. 

Relaxed but informative, fairly local to home. 

Practical focus, clinically applicable. 

Q & A and the time to feel the diffeference in own body. 

Fab instructor, very good. 

Good balance of theory, evidence, and practical. 

Really clear instruction from the start to finish, from explanation of osteoporosis to exercises. 

The teacher was available to everyone equally when we had our questions. 

- Pilates for Osteoporosis Course participants

Small class, nice to try different equipment. 

Chance to try out different exercises. 

Great ideas, great venue. 

Great ideas for using equipment. 

Being able to find out all the different balls in a range of positions. 

Practical ideas with lots of modifications. 

Lovely location, Sarah was brilliant as always. 

Very practical and applicable to all my classes. 

- All the Small Balls Course participants

Great lecturer, energetic and well paced with good tone of voice. 

Expert teacher - right balance of information and practice - very good technique/ knowledge and modifications. 

New stretch postions to utilise in class and for personal use. 

All very relevant to practice. Excellent presenter and very relaxed and fun!

An excellent pace. Clearly presented. 

Understanding about the stretch mind body link. 

The teacher and the venue, well constructed course. 

It was nice and relaxed. Really good to have a class a the beginning and not at all rushed. Just the right amount of content. 

Easy, supportive and motivated and friendly manner of the presenter. 

The instruction and content. 

Well paced, informative and provided a thorough view of stretching. 

Very well presented and informative and makes you reliase how much control we can have over our bodies. 

New concept of movement. 

- Stretch and Mobility Course participants

We particularly enjoyed:

The practical sessions and exercises to help with ideas to consolidate learning

The interactie sessions and planning in groups - great fun. 

The imagery and themes were great. Excellent course. 

Variety of ideas and class sequencing / plans. 

Large practical element & nice encouraging atmosphere. 

Stories and themes. 

How to structure and develop a Pilates class for Children and making it fun. 

Practical application using imagination. 

Practical aspect - thinking up stories and very informal. 

The amount of role play and the amount of work put into the course. 

Evidence based research. Practicalities of running a class. Pracital element. 

Ideas of adventures. 

Practical element  - lots of tips to take. 

Pracical component. 

New ideas and directions. 

- Pilates for Children and Young People participants