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APPI has enjoyed immense success with training Physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapists in the Modified Pilates technique.

Our Matwork series has been developed specifically for a rehabilitation setting. APPI Matwork courses are currently being run in
the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Malta, Ireland and Turkey and the Institute trains over 3000 therapists a year. Matwork Level One is the foundation course and must be completed before any other matwork levels.

Matwork Level 1
The Foundation (2 days)
This is the first course in your Rehabilitation Pilates training. Theory and research on lumbar and pelvic stabilisation is presented. Clinical assessment of the TrA and multifidus muscles is taught. The beginner repertoire of Rehabilitation Pilates movements is presented.

Matwork Level 2
Class Instructor (2 days)
The class instructor course aims to discuss all issues involved in establishing your Pilates programme within your work setting.
Assessment, inclusion criteria, outcome measures, advertising and insurance are all important and as such are covered. A new
repertoire of warm up and cool down exercises is taught.

Matwork Level 3
Intermediate/Advanced (2 days)
Matwork Level 3 is the final course in the certification series where intermediate and advanced Rehabilitation Pilates exercises are taught. Higher level scapulo-thoracic and pelvic stabilisation exercises form the core of this course.

Matwork Certification Exam
Upon completion of Matwork Level 3 you are eligible to sit your certification exam. The final Matwork exam consists of 2 components: A practical exam and a theory exam. The practical exam is 30 mins in duration. However, you will be assigned a partner who will act as your client. You will then act as their client. Therefore the entire practical component will take 1 hour. The theory exam is a 60 minute

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