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Read on for a brief overview on the Founders of the APPI Method – Glenn & Elisa Withers. For a larger overview of the APPIs story along with the main service types offered – Education, Clinics, and Products. For a better understanding of our Education courses, read the education brochure here.

Since founding APPI in 2000 ago we have been committed to developing a world leading education program that is strongly supported by the latest research based evidence. APPI is committed to ensuring that its dedicated team of employees, presenters, and members all strive to achieve their goals through this great program.

As of 2009 the ‘Modified Pilates Rehabilitation Program’ is taught across nine countries, with over 2000 allied health professionals beginning their training every year. We are proud to have been involved with all levels of rehabilitation and allied health including – The NHS, the British Military, The British Bobsliegh Association, Premier League football clubs including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Charlton Athletic and many more.

When we established APPI in 2000, we never imagined the program would become a world leader in its field. As a result of this unparalleled success we now commit to ensuring that the program is continually updated every chance we get. At least, once a year our educational board and presenters meet to review the entire program and ensure we are teaching the latest in scientific evidence. Our educational board meets quarterly to review specific courses, and reply to any feedback we gain from our valued clients. We continually evolve into new areas of teaching stability retraining through the Pilates method.

We are very proud to be able to deliver to our graduates a complete new career. We have seen countless graduates go on to establish thriving businesses and have been happy to mentor them in this process. We are now consulting on many boards at both industry and government level ensuring that APPI is uniquely positioned to influence the opportunities for all our graduates and members.

With such an expansive curriculum our graduates are in high demand throughout the world. We are very proud to have literally ‘changed peoples careers’ through our innovative and unique approach to Pilates based rehabilitation.

We look forward to a future whereby the Modified Pilates Rehabilitation Program is setting standards in health care rehabilitation throughout the world. We will never stop working, never stop learning, and we hope you enjoy this journey with us.

~Glenn & Elisa Withers

Glenn Withers

APPI Co-founder and CEO
B.Physiotherapy MAPA, MCSP, HPC, CMKP, MAPPI

Glenn is one of the worlds most sought after Physiotherapists and Pilates Master Trainers. Glenn is a published author, international speaker and co-creator of the APPI Method. Glenn has worked in elite sport for over 17 years with Tottenham Hostspur, Man U, Brentford FC, the EIS, AFL and much more. An expert on LBP, pelvis, hip and sporting injuries. Glenn is the clinical lead of all APPI Treatment centres and Education worldwide.

Elisa Withers

APPI Co-founder B.Physiotherapy (Hons) MAPA, MCSP, HPC, CMKP, MAPPI

Elisa is one of the worlds foremost experts on Physiotherapy based Pilates programs and Dance Medicine. Elisa is a published author, international speaker and co-creator of the APPI Method. Elisa has been the head Physiotherapist for the APPI’s contract with the English National Ballet for over 10 years and has worked as the lead Physiotherapist for Dance Medicine and Pilates services at the Victorian College of the arts, Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet, London Studio Centre and much more. An expert on dance related injuries and Pilates programs for the elite dancer. Elisa is the clinical lead for the APPI’s Dance Medicine Services and Education worldwide.