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HealthyHIT Level Two

HealthyHIT Level Two

After completing HealthyHIT® Level 1 join us for the second level as HealthyHIT® creator and APPI founder Glenn Withers has designed this course to take you on the most challenging workout ever created.

HealthyHIT® is a combination of the High Intensity Training (HIT) principle and Pilates movements in a structured, licensed program that is sure to be the next big HIT in the health and fitness world.

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Course Information

HealthyHIT® is a series of 6 classes, each lasting just 30mins that works you hard, but teaches you correct technique to ensure you complete the workout in the right way. HIT (High Intensity Training) is a great concept, and the physiology behind it fascinating. However, many people completing HIT programs do so with very poor technique, and work at a level that their bodies may not be capable of.

  • The APPI’s HealthyHIT® program ensures that those same amazing benefits of the HIT physiology are achieved, but with correct form and function.
  • Incorporating appropriate rest periods and Pilates exercises to balance the program.
  • All the movements are based on existing Pilates movements but taken to an entirely new level.
  • Using various small equipment to mix up the challenge and target different areas of the body, the HealthyHIT® Pilates program is on its way to changing the face of Pilates!

In this one day master class of the program you will be introduced to the next 6 classes of the series and have the chance to progress to become some of the first HealthyHIT® trainers in the UK! Time you take the hit, the HealthyHIT®!


In order to attend this course, you must have completed HealthyHIT Level 1 and also have experience at teaching Pilates or core stability and hold one of the following qualifications:

  • REPs fitness level 3 or above
  • Allied Health degree


Attaining certification as a HealthyHIT Instructor requires completion of HealthyHIT level 1 and 2, the HealthyHIT logbook which includes hours of self practice and practice teaching and a payable licence after the completion of the logbook.

Before attendance of this course, we require you to fill in a Par-Q health questionnaire (attached to your confirmation letter).


If your course will be funded by your employer or a 3rd party, please click here to submit the 3rd party enrollment form so we can create a invoice for payment. Please note we can not secure a course place until payment has been received in full.