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Kids & Teens Pilates

Kids & Teens Pilates

This is a new and exciting one day course applying the APPI Pilates Method principles to different stages of child development. Physical activity in children helps to prevent obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer and ultimately improves musculoskeletal and bone health.

This course qualifies for a total of 7 REPs points.

£210.00 £178.50 inc. VAT

This course will run from 9am – 5pm.


Host Course Venue

16th March 2019
Kids & Teens Pilates 
Children Centre City Hospital, Sunderland

For Bookings and Information:

Host Name: Amy Black

Tel: 0191 5699123

Email: amy.black@chsft.uk

Course Information

A 1 day seminar that focuses on the use of Pilates through the key stages of children’s development. Presented by APPI’s Paediatric physiotherapist Laura Harris this innovative workshop will focus on the normal development of the child and link that to the key stages of learning and development. 
Key Stage 1: Year 4 – 7
Key Stage 2: Year 8 – 11
Key Stage 3: Year 12 – 16


A detailed program for each key stage will be presented along with class plans and a variety of ideas for an innovative and exciting program for children as they grow through the stages of development. A look into the understanding of normal child development and red flags for assessments along the way will be intertwined with the integral use of Pilates. Each stage has a different focus and goals for the child and this course will allow you to work confidently and competently with all age ranges.


Matwork Level 1 or the attendance at a 2 day matwork course at a recognised Pilates training institution is the pre-requisite for this course.


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