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Matwork Level Two

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Matwork Level Two

The next level in the matwork Pilates training series which focuses on group teaching and empowers you to begin the journey from clinician to instructing Pilates classes.

£349.00 inc. VAT

This course will run from 9am – 5pm.


Regional Course Venues


2nd & 3rd March – Manchester

16th & 17th March – Kensal Rise, London

16th & 17th March – Liverpool


6th & 7th April – Kensal Rise, London

13th & 14th April – Coleraine, Northern Ireland

13th & 14th April – Falkirk, Scotland



11th & 12th May – Kensal Rise, London

18th & 19th May – Manchester

18th & 19th May – Nuneaton, England

18th & 19th May – Dublin, Ireland


8th & 9th June – Kensal Rise, London

22nd & 23rd June – Liverpool




1st & 2nd July – Kensal Rise, London

6th & 7th July – Kensal Rise, London

6th & 7th July – Manchester

13th & 14th July – Manchester



17th & 18th August – Kensal Rise, Londpn


21st & 22nd September – Kensal Rise, London

21st & 22nd September – Coleraine, Northern Ireland

30th September & 1st October – Kensal Rise, Lonodn


12th & 13th October – Kensal Rise, London


2nd & 3rd November – Kensal Rise, London

2nd & 3rd November – Manchester

9th & 10th November – Kensal Rise, London 


7th & 8th December – Liverpool

14th & 15th December – Falkirk, Scotland

14th & 15th December – Nuneaton, England

Host Course Venues

2nd & 3rd April 2019

Royal Derby Hospital Education Centre
For Bookings and Information:
Host Name: NCORE
Tel: 01332 254679
Email: dhft.ncore@nhs.net

13th & 14th July 2019

Walkergate Park Rehabilitation Centre
For Bookings and Information:
Host Name: Sarah Holland & Paula Cox
Tel: 0191 2875130
Email: sarah.holland@ntw.nhs.uk & Paula.cox@ntw.nhs.uk

Course Information

This two day course covers the vital aspects of class planning, warm ups, cool downs, standing exercises and how to create population specific classes.


  • Learn the unique approach to teaching APPI Pilates to a group.
  • Learn the diverse warm up and cool down movements often missing from Pilates teaching.
  • Discuss issues involved in establishing your Pilates class programme in your work setting.

In order to attend you must have completed APPI Pilates Matwork Level One at least three months prior to this course.

Before attendance of this course we would recommend that you:

  • Read the recommended reading articles view here
  • View the APPI Intermediate Level DVD
  • Review your Matwork Level 1 manual
  • Watch two deep neck flexor workshop videos by clicking here & here


Attaining certification as an APPI Rehabilitation Pilates Matwork Instructor requires completion of all three Matwork courses, pre-course requirements, hours of observation, self practice, practice teaching and the certification exam (to be completed after Matwork level three).


If your course will be funded by your employer or a 3rd party, please click here to submit the 3rd party enrollment form so we can create a invoice for payment. Please note we can not secure a course place until payment has been received in full.