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Matwork Comprehensive Course

Matwork Comprehensive Course

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This course is our brand new Pilates Instructor qualification for all those without a health care background. This 13 day course consists of an induction day, followed by 6 x 2 day workshops that will teach over 100 Pilates Matwork exercises.

This comprehensive course, delivered by APPI’s world renowned degree level health practitioners, is focused on teaching anyone from a non health degree background the skills and knowledge required to teach Pilates in a 1:1 or class environment.

£3,297.00 £2,999.00 inc. VAT


Course Information


The course will include APPI’s unique insight into how the body works by delivering on course anatomy and physiology sessions (in addition to online and support materials), and bring the elements of applied anatomy usually taught at physiotherapy degree level courses.

Each day a different part of the body will be reviewed, and then a small surface anatomy session will allow all the pieces of the puzzle of understanding anatomy and movement to be pieced together. This will then be linked to the Pilates movements that focus on that area of the body as a way of allowing the student to link together the theories of applied anatomy and the movements of Pilates.

Over the 13 day program the full 34 traditional Matwork Pilates exercises, plus additional standing, kneeling and seated warm up and cool down exercises, will be taught. In addition, the APPI’s unique Pilates exercise level adaptations will enable the course participants to train a client through a step by step process of achieving successful Pilates movements. In the APPI repertoire the majority of the traditional 34 movements have been broken down into 4-6 levels, allowing a client with no exercise history, or limited movement control a chance to slowly progress in a painfree, achievable and structured program. Following successful completion of the training you will be empowered to teach 1:1 as well as group Pilates Matwork sessions

January 2019 Start (London)

All Modules @ The Chapel, Kensal Rise

  • Induction Day  28th January 2019 
  • Module 1  16th & 17th February 2019 
  • Module 2  9th & 10th March 2019 
  • Module 3  30th & 31st March 2019 
  • Module 4  13th & 14th April 2019 
  • Module 5  4th & 5th May 2019 
  • Module 6  25th & 26th May 2019 

April Start (London)

Induction Day @ The Chapel, Kensal Rise 

Module 1 – 6 @ APPI Hampstead Clinic

  • Induction Day  15th April 2019 
  • Module 1  11th & 12th May 2019 
  • Module 2  25th & 26th May 2019 
  • Module 3  8th & 9th June 2019 
  • Module 4  22nd & 23rd June 2019 
  • Module 5  6th & 7th July 2019 
  • Module 6  20th & 21st July 2019 

September Start (Falkirk)

Induction Day – Online Module 

Modules 1 – 6 @ Life Fit Wellness Centre, Falkirk

  • Induction Day  – This will be a Online Module completed remotely
  • Module 1  14th & 15th September 2019 
  • Module 2  28th & 29th September 2019 
  • Module 3  12th & 13th October 2019 
  • Module 4  2nd & 3rd November 2019 
  • Module 5  23rd & 24th November 2019 
  • Module 6  7th & 8th December 2019 

September Start (London)

Induction Day @ The Chapel, Kensal Rise 

Module 1 – 6 @ APPI Hampstead Clinic

  • Induction Day  – 6th September 2019
  • Module 1  14th & 15th September 2019 
  • Module 2  5th & 6th October 2019 
  • Module 3  19th & 20th October 2019 
  • Module 4  2nd & 3rd November 2019 
  • Module 5  23rd & 24th November 2019 
  • Module 6  7th & 8th December 2019 

There no mandatory pre-requisites. However, APPI requires all learners to have had experienced participating in at least 10 Pilates classes in either a gym or studio environment prior to beginning of the course.


The course cost, if not paid in full, is £3297 and can be paid in 3 equal instalments of £1099. You can pay your deposit today, then pay the remaining 2 instalments prior to the course start date. Alternatively there is an upfront fee of £2999.

*Please note your exam booking will be a separate cost 

Within 30 days of the course start date we will not accept any refund requests prior to that the administration fee for transfers or cancellations is 20% of original payment. 

To find out more about this course, download our Comprehensive Matwork Brochure here

If your course will be funded by your employer or a 3rd party, please click here to submit the 3rd party enrollment form so we can create a invoice for payment. Please note we can not secure a course place until payment has been received in full.