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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is the APPI Pilates Method?

The APPI PIlates Method is the creation of two Australian Physiotherapists, Glenn and Elisa Withers. The method is based on over 14 years of clinical practice in treating movement dysfunctions through their roles as world leading Physiotherapists and Pilates teachers. The Method encompasses three core areas of pain, pathology and function. Each Pilates movement has been analysed based on these three core areas. Pain is a chemical and as such alters the way certain muscles move and therefore can dictate the way these muscles need to be rehabilitated through the APPI Pilates Method. Pathology is the term used to describe an injury and this has been analysed to dictate what movements will help a set pathology, and what movement might make a sert pathology worse. This forms the indications and contraindications of the APPI Method. Finally Function. Function is the term used to describe how we do our everyday tasks. APPI has analysed all of the Pilates movements for their ability to help us retrain a certain function. This means that the APPI Method is much more than just a way of toning a person physique, but is a research based, clinical application of improving the way a person moves and functions in their everyday life.

The APPI Pilates method has now been applied in areas as diverse as physiotherapy injury rehabilitation, paediatric rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, elite sports rehabilitation, elderly care, womens health and much more. The APPI Method is taught worldwide and our training courses are on offer in 14 different countries.

Why choose APPI Pilates over other providers?

APPI offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse Pilates training available. Our key difference is empowering you with a structure of clear clinical reasoning on your choice of Pilates exercise. We do not teach you just a series of movements that you give to everyone. We teach you to think for yourself based around our key 5 Stage Rehabilitation model. 

Our training covers Matwork Pilates, Large Equipment based Pilates, plus over 20 additional seminars on population specific programs such as our ante/post natal course, scoliosis, osteoporosis, 3D standing program, sports specific programs, and much much more.

Who is eligible to undertake APPI Pilates training?

The majority of courses we offer are open to the following; Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Therapists, Sports Rehabilitation Therapists (with degree level qualification), Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists, Doctors, final year physiotherapy students, those holding either a Human Movement or a Sports Science degree. The reason for this criteria is that our courses have a heavy rehabilitation focus with an in depth knowledge of anatomy, movement dysfunction and pathology relating in particular to the musculoskeletal system. The health professionals who do our training provide rehabilitation on a regular basis and are familiar with teaching therapeutic exercise and progressing rehabilitation and exercise safely and effectively towards full function. You are therefore expected to have a high level of pathological knowledge and clinical reasoning on these courses, as well as excellent anatomy and physiology knowledge. 

However the majority of our non certification CPD courses are open to all Pilates instructors who have completed a two day or more Pilates Matwork Training course at a recognised pilates training provider. If you are unsure if you meet the eligibility requirements of a course that interests you, please contact the Head Office Team directly on 03453702774

Can you clarify the levels of the Matwork Series?

The Matwork series is divided into 3 levels; MW1 – The Foundation; MW2: Class Instruction and MW3 – Intermediate to Advanced. 

Your training begins with our Matwork Level 1 course where you will learn 16 of the Original Pilates movements. These 16 movements will be broken down into 2-3 levels based on pain, pathology and function. This will leave you with a great repertoire and a clear understanding of Rehabilitation based Pilates programs for the first 6 weeks of a clients program of APPI PIlates. 

Matwork 2 focuses on all the information you require to teach small groups of participants and pilates classes. You will learn movements to form your warm ups and cool downs, plus mobility, stretching and a significant amount of Standing exercises. ON this course you will also focus on ways to improve communicating to and receiving feedback from clients, setting up lesson plans and looking at locations. 

Matwork 3 is focused on the intermediate & advanced Pilates movements. These movements are for clients that have gone through rehabilitation and are now looking for a more challenging and strength building Pilates repertoire. You learn an additional 30 movements and you will be armed with the full APPI Pilates Method. 

If you book all three levels together you can secure the early-bird discount (15%) for each course regardless of your eventual booking date. Bookings can be made directly via our website, or you are welcome to call our friendly office team on 0345 370 2774.

When am I qualified to run an APPI class?

You are only qualified, or recognised by APPI after you are certified in your certification exam. That means that you have completed all 3 MW courses, completed your log book, and have passed your exam. 

I have booked onto a course, where is my confirmation letter?

Once you have booked onto a course your confirmation letter can be found on your web portal. 

Please log onto the APPI website using your email address and password, at the top of the page you will then see your name e.g. “Hi APPI”, please click here which will take you to your personal web portal & you can download your confirmation letter from here. 

Alternatively this was emailed to you directly at the time of booking to your nominated email address. If you have any issues please contact the office directly on 0345 370 2774.

I have attended a APPI Course when will I receive my certificate of attendance?

Your certificate will be sent electronically to the email address you provided within 2 weeks of the course finish date.

Can I teach Pilates during my training?

As a student under the APPI Certification Series we recommend the following:

Once you have completed Matwork 1 – You can teach on a 1:1 basis and use the Pilates movements to improve your clinical practice.

The focus of this course is addressing postural and movement dysfunction through Pilates, predominantly from a musculoskeletal view point. Many therapists then incorporate the skills learned from MW1 into their clinical practice and apply their own knowledge to their Pilates teaching to make it more applicable to their particular clinical area.

If you are interested in teaching Pilates classes also (which we would highly recommend), you would continue with the certification process by participating in Matwork Level 2 which is all about class teaching. This course is less of a clinical focus and has a larger focus on movement, class planning and teaching skills. On completion of MW2 we recommend you start practicing your Class and small group teaching with colleagues, family and friends to gain the confidence and teaching skills you will require to launch your classes once you are fully certified.

Matwork 3 is the direct continuation of the exercises learned in MW1 and covers more intermediate to advanced repertoire. These challenging and exciting movement will complete your basic Pilates MW training and arm you for the challenge of the certification exam. To become a certified APPI teacher and endorsed by our institute you would need to complete all three levels and pass a theory and practical exam. 

On completion of Matwork 3 and the exam, you can then advertise that you are a certified APPI instructor and enjoy all the benefits of adding Pilates to your career and your practice. We have so many great stories of clinicians embracing Pilates and making it their career and we would love to add your success story to the ever growing number.

What is an APPI Membership?

APPI Membership is your chance of joining in on all the advantages, information and know how of the APPI. 

APPI ‘Star’ Membership is available to anyone in the Pilates Industry that would like to become more involved with us here at APPI.

Our ‘star’ program is based on the seven point ‘star’ featured on the Australian flag. We offer differing levels of membership based on your profession and training history with APPI.

What are the different 'Star' Membership levels?

APPI Star Member:
This level is great as an introduction to APPI and provides you with course and product discounts as well as the all important APPI Star Members Newsletter!

APPI Star Plus Member:
Whether you're already an APPI convert or a fitness professional looking to expand your business skills, Star Plus has some great benefits, including the option to sell our products and an invitation to member events.

APPI Star Pro Member:
This category of membership is reserved exclusively for those that have completed the matwork series and are a fully certified APPI instructor. This membership includes an instructor listing on our website and a companion voucher for our courses. (Valid for Fully Certified Instructors Only). This also gives you access to our Founders days where you can learn directly from APPI founders Glenn and Elisa Withers for only £35 for the full day seminar. 

What are my APPI membership discount and benefits?

On purchasing APPI Membership you are entitled to 10% discount on APPI Products and Courses.
In addition we regularly hold members only sales, courses and newsletters exclusive for our members.

Who can use the APPI logo?

The ‘APPI’ logo is seen as a significant endorsement of skills within the allied health world and the fitness industry. Here at ‘APPI’ we are very proud of the trust and respect that has become aligned with the logo and as such have certain rules around who can use the logo to promote their skills. Only those instructors that are fully certified and have current APPI ‘Star Pro’ Membership are allowed to use the ‘APPI’ logo.

When can I call myself certified?

You are not able to use the name APPI while advertising classes unless you are fully certified. However you may make clients aware that you are undergoing training with the APPI, in order to become a certified APPI Instructor. You are only qualified, or recognised by APPI after you are certified in your certification exam. That means that you have completed all 3 MW courses, completed your log book, and have passed your exam. 

What do I have to do to maintain my Certification?

Once you have become an APPI fully certified Instructor (Matwork, Reformer or Equipment), you are required to attend 8 hours of Pilates CPD. 

This can consist of a 1 day CPD course with APPI or another recognised provider. Alternatively if you find it difficult to attend a CPD course we do also accept one of our APPI Online Courses or 4 APPI Online Conference workshops, these can be found on our Online Learning by clicking here

Your CPD hours must consist of Pilates Education where by you will receive a certificate of attendance. You can update your CPD hours at any time throughout the year, all you need to do is send us your certificate of attendance through to info@appihealthgroup.com. 

What is the difference between an APPI Membership and Certification?

Anyone who is involved in the Pilates Industry, irrespective of where they have gained their qualification can join as an APPI member at the first 2 levels of the membership category. 

A ‘Certified’ APPI Member is an instructor who has completed all 3 levels of the APPI Basic Matwork training program and successfully passed their theory and practical exam. It is only certified ‘APPI’ instructors that have the endorsement of APPI for their skill in teaching the APPI PIlates Method. 

What is the Certification Exam?

The certification exam is a 2 fold process. 

Firstly you will undertake a 60 minute theory exam that consists of 60 multiple choice questions based on the literature presented to you on your courses, the reading material recommended to you and the exercises themselves. The pass mark required for this part of the certification process is 70%

Secondly you will undertake a 30 minute practical exam. This exam will test you on your teaching skills, clinical application, variations of the movements and your own ability to complete the Pilates exercises. The pass rate for this is 70%. For more information please follow this link to hear our founder Glenn Withers talk you through the exam process in more detail.

How do I book my exam?

To book your exam simply call our helpful team at APPI HQ on 0345 370 2774

What is my 'logbook'?

Your ‘logbook’ is the document that you will use to record all your training with APPI in order to complete your certification. It includes all the required practice teaching hours, observation, self practice and reading expected of you to complete your training.

Where is my logbook?

Please look on the top left-hand side of the page to download your logbook. Please note, logbooks are only applicable to specific course series.

Do I need to observe an APPI Instructor to prep for my exam?

You are required to complete at least 5 hours of observation of a fully trained APPI Instructor as part of your certification process. APPI also offers 1:1 sessions and exam preparation sessions at our London centres.

Am I able to observe in an APPI Clinic?

All students undergoing the APPI PIlates training are welcome to observe at our London Clinics. IN order to protect the privacy and experience of our clients we limit the number of students observing to a maximum of 2 at any one time. To book a session of observation please call our head office team on 0345 370 2774 or email us on info@appihealthggroup.com and we will be happy to organise this for you. We also have a national network of training providers through our APPI presenters and we can put you in touch with a local centre if you can not make it to an official APPI centre.

Do you run courses in my area?

APPI runs courses right across the United Kingdom and into our Partner countries in Australia, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Malta, Turkey, and Greece. Please see our international section of the website for more information on your relevant country.

In the United Kingdom we run at least 1 course every weekend from our London based HQ, in addition to several mid-week training options also. We also run between 2 and 4 additional training courses in other areas of the United Kingdom every weekend. 

Are there instructors in my area?

It is highly likely that an APPI trained Instructor is in your area. We have several thousand trained instructors across the UK. Those Instructors that are fully certified and maintained their membership can be found on our website instructor's directory. Please click here to find out more.


Can you explain the Online Exercise Program for Pilates?

Pilates Pro Live is APPI’s Instructor software program that allows you to create bespoke home exercise programs for your clients. It includes full video content of all the Matwork exercises plus exercises on the ball, resistance band and standing exercises. The program is available worldwide and we offer all our instructors a no obligation 2 month free trial of the software.

How do I access my free trial of Pilates Pro Live?

To obtain your free trial please just contact us on info@appihealthgroup.com or call on 0345 370 2774 and we kindly start the process of your free trial. Following your registration of interest with APPI one of our Partners at Physiotec will contact you to deliver a training consultation of the software and set your login and password for you to begin the trial. Physiotec will then support you in any issues you may have in understanding the program. After your 2 month trial they will contact you to see if you enjoyed the program and set up your ongoing support and access for the program.

Where is your Head Office/Education Centre?

Our Head office is situated in North West London, on the boundaries of Ladbroke Grove and Maida Vale.

Our address is:
The Chapel,
Wellington Road,
NW10 5LJ

The nearest tube service is on the London Underground Bakerloo Line (Kensal Green Station)
The nearest overground station is Kensal Rise

Both stations are a short (5-10 minute) walk from our Head Office.

Technical FAQs

Will I always need additional insurance to run classes in local venues and/or physio practices?

In the first instance, please ask the CSP for advice. We are unable to formally offer advice on Insurance requirements. If you would like additional information on extra insurance, we recommend contacting Balens 01684 893 006

If you are using Pilates on a 1:1 basis as a qualified therapist, then generally you are covered by your existing professional insurance (for example your CSP insurance if you are a physiotherapist). This is because you are acting in the capacity of a Physio for example. However, please check with your governing body if you are from another allied health discipline.

If you are running classes, then the issue of insurance is unfortunately a grey area. The bottom line here is that you will need to consult with your governing body, detailing exactly what you are planning to do and in what environment.

Generally speaking this will come down to what is known as scope of practice. For example, a physio working on a 1:1 basis is acting as a physiotherapist, whose choice of treatment may happen to be pilates. This is within the scope of practice of a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist running a pilates class, may be argued, is acting as a Pilates Instructor and not a physio, as their is no pre/post assessment, and therefore may not be covered by their CSP insurance. However, recent changes to the CSP ‘Scope of Practice’ does lead us to believe that you will be covered if you offer a pre/post assessment even for classes. An example of this is a pre-exercise questionnaire and a post 6 week questionnaire using a survey that is robust enough to depict change. For example – The Oswestry Questionnaire.

The APPI strongly recommends that you contact your governing bodies legal department and get specific advice relevant to your situation. It can depend on the venue, the nature of the class, and many other issues. Whatever advice you are given please request it in writing for your own protection.

For absolute peace of mind we advise that you take out additional cover to fully protect yourself in the event of taking classes. Our insurance partners at Balens Insurance have created a bespoke package for you all and this can be accessed after your certification is complete.

The APPI recommend contacting Balens Insurance on 01684 893 006.

Does my insurance cover me if I'm delivering Pilates to a pregnant woman?

This is a contentious issue and once again will demand direct correspondence with your insurer or governing body. Many insurance policies do not cover the delivery of exercise to Pregnant clients. This is an issue many people do not foresee. We strongly advise you check your policy to cover yourself. On many policies you have the ability to be covered for this, but it is an addition to the standard cover. Please ensure you clarify if you are covered, especially in the instance of delivering classes.

What are the general guidelines around APPI Pilates & Pregnancy?


In the first trimester, all courses should be suitable for an uncomplicated pregnancy. This is providing that you exercise pre-pregnancy and have discussed this with your GP / Midwife. However, generally we would recommend against participating in courses after the 1st trimester, as you will not be able to experience all the movements yourself during this time. During the 1st Trimester (up to 13 weeks)

Providing you are medically well, with no complications, and have been previously active prior to pregnancy, all courses should be suitable during the first trimester.
If participating in our Matwork 3, Equipment courses or other Higher Level Courses (E.g. Advanced Matwork) make sure you are practicing Pilates regularly and feel confident that you can execute the movements with control. If you have not been practicing and want to enrol in a high level course we would be hesitant about enrolling you onto the course.

During the 2nd trimester (13- 26 weeks) & 3rd trimester (26 – 40 weeks)
After the 1st trimester we do not recommend any loaded rectus abdominis exercises or performing exercises in double table top position. These movements place too much load through the abdominals which is not appropriate during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Supine exercises (lying on your back) are also not recommended at this time due to the possibility of experiencing supine hypotension however; this is an individual situation, some women may feel quite well on their backs all the way through their pregnancy whereas others will not manage.

Prone exercises (lying on your tummy) will obviously be difficult when they have a bump.

In the first trimester, all courses should be suitable for an uncomplicated pregnancy. This is providing that you exercise pre-pregnancy and have discussed this with your GP / Midwife. However, generally we would recommend against participating in courses after the 1st trimester, as you will not be able to experience all the movements yourself during this time

Can my work pay you directly for my training?

Absolutely. We will require the details of who will be paying and we will gladly raise a purchase order for them. We do however, require full payment before we can confirm your place on a course.

How can I check my work has paid you?

Once your work has paid for the course or the full certification you will receive an email from us outlining all the details of your course, your pre-reading, and any other information that is relevant to you enjoying your experience with APPI. PLease do read this thoroughly and if you have any questions feel free to call or email us at APPI HQ.

Why is the Matwork Series not REPs registered?

REPS is a fitness industry register, not an allied health register and as such the higher level of APPI Pilates teaching with its enhanced pre-requisite of a 3 year or more allied health degree does not fit the REPS model. This is only for those solely in the fitness industry. Our qualifications, 3 year or more allied health degree, is above that of any REPS level. Should you wish to discuss this in further detail please contact one of the Head Office Team on 03453702774.

However some of our CPD courses are eligible for REPs points. The details of these can be found on the courses pages of our website.

Are there refund options for Online Classes or Online Courses?

Due to the nature of online products, where upon purchase they become immediately accessible to you, these items are entirely non-refundable.