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Life before Nella was definitely simpler and of course I wouldn’t change it but one of the things I miss the MOST is being able to exercise freely. I WISH there were more baby friendly classes that didn’t cost the earth; where you could switch off and workout. It’s brilliant living in London because there are classes available but definitely not enough. 

My absolute saviours have been APPI Pilates here in Wimbledon (only a 10 min walk from me hurrah). It’s down to them I managed to get rid of my abdominal separation. I also credit them for helping me feel a little more like me.

Jess, the women’s health physio at APPI is AMAZING! She teaches all the pre/post-natal Pilates classes throughout the week – mat and reformer circuits (often whilst carting around a crying baby). I went to Jess’s classes throughout my pregnancy and subsequently when Nella was about 10 weeks. I booked to see Jess for a 1:1 assessment post birth to have my pelvic floor and any muscle separation checked. (APPI advise all returning mothers to do this prior to restarting classes.) This means Jess knows everyone’s capabilities and can always tailor classes appropriately.

I’ve been to other postnatal classes where all I’ve done is lie on the floor doing breathing exercises; a real source of frustration because I can lie on the floor at home anytime without the hassle of getting out! Jess’s classes are not like this at all, you actually feel like you’ve exercised. The reformer circuit class is my favourite and it is TOUGH! Plus you get a good chat to the other mums which is always an added bonus. Babies hang out on a mat next to you; just bring LOTS of toys to distract them! And the younger they are, the easier this is; Nella used to happily fall asleep on her mat but now she’s trying to crawl everywhere so it’s proving more of a challenge.