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Regain your pelvic floor strength and your pre-baby body!

 Jessica Kostos, specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist at the APPI clinic in Wimbledon, is excited to host a pelvic floor talk at the clinic on the 4th March 2019 from 7:30pm onwards.

APPI Health Group are collaborating with the NCT, and Swift Fit London, to bring you a night of fun, wisdom and education for women of every stage. The night will cost £10, which is 100% donated to the NCT.

Jessica will discuss all things pelvic floor. Everything from incontinence, prolapse, tummy muscle separations and restoring your core. Learn how to correctly train your pelvic floor, gain control over your bladder, and prevent embarrassing leaks! There will also be an opportunity to have your tummy muscle gap assessed as well.

Emily, postnatal fitness profressional from Swift Fit London will discuss how to return to exercise safely post-natal and regain your pre-baby body!

Walk away with exercises, tips and trick to strengthen your body from the inside out.

Prosecco and refreshments provided

For details and to book please use this link:

For any questions please contact Jessica on: jessica.kostos@appihealthgroup.com