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Pilates Pro Live – Free Trial Registration (1 month)

Pilates Pro Live gives health care professionals the ability to deliver personalised online Pilates programs from anywhere, at any time. Try out this time-saving tool for 1 month FREE!

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Pilates Pro Live gives healthcare professionals the ability to deliver personalised online Pilates programmes from anywhere, at any time. This unique program enables users to access a complete APPI exercise library of over 200 different movements.

> Prescribe

In just a few simple clicks you can build a bespoke programme for your clients or classes including the number of Reps, Sets, and any other information you need.

> Send

Email the bespoke programme directly to your clients. The programme can include video footage, still images, drawings or simply printouts for your clients to take away with them.

This unique program will lift the standard of your Pilates service in an instant and allow you to separate yourself from the competition.

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