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Great feedback about participants favourite parts of the course;

• I enjoyed meeting other people on the course and comparing notes.
• Range of exercises
• Well presented
• Having lots of practice time and the opportunity to practise teaching
• Mix of content relevant to teaching courses i.e. Warm up, class structure examples, advice re advertising
• The discussions between Mel and the group the class planning
• I feel much more able to teach a class now due to class planning and sequencing etc.
• The balance of theory and practical
• The structured and precise teaching.
• Very informative and well-presented course. Well organised and pre course arrangements and contact was swiftly dealt with. I liked the inclusion of small equipment ideas and the balance of practical workshops and the theory.
• Group workshop

And furthermore, with regard to the assistant presenter:

• Yes Caroline was inspirational and motivational
• Engaging and motivating
• Wonderful mannerism and approachable
• Excellent also
• Great knowledge. Approachable. Great teaching in the class. Could get more involved in class discussions
• Caroline was very good
• She taught her class very well
• Yes they were great also and very friendly
• Good corrections and motivational
• Caroline, the assistant presenter, demonstrated a slightly different teaching style which was good to compare and contrast the styles. She demonstrated very good teaching ability, knowledge and feedback was valid. Also a fairly large group so having an assistant presenter meant all participants got a little more individual feedback.
• Very experienced and knowledgeable and kind:

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