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“What did you particularly like about the course?”

Modification with use of other equipment.
The lectures gave clarity to changes in pregnancy and exercises modification which were useful.
Well structured. Presenter obviously passionate knowledgeable about subject.
Practical element, lots of chance to practice.
Venue well set up. Presenter very Knowledgeable.
Comprehensive detail about adaptations for this patient group.
Great info for ante & post-natal clients. Gave me more confidence.
Excellent examples of exercises and explanations and demonstration by presenter.
Lectures in the morning with practical to follow and the class planning. Always great to start the day with a class too.
Good amount of practical and theory work. Good structure through the day. Plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
Excellent manual and brilliant venue. Teacher was also excellent very knowledgeable and patient.
Useful info for setting up classes. Pregnancy and effects of exercises. Up to date evidence.
Tailored to me being 24 weeks pregnant. Passional and friendly staff. Excellent venue, different rooms, plenty of space and equipment.
Mixture of practical and therapy course content, separating ante & post-natal onto different days.
The anatomy and physiology of the pregnant and post-partum lady. Variations of exercises. Presenter answered questions well so I feel much more confident treating this clients group. ~ Anon.


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