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“I have been receiving physio from Megan Vickers on and off for a few years now and more intensively for the last 3 months for my sciatica.

Late August when I returned from my holidays in Canada, I had a terrible back. I could not move much and was visibly crooked. I was in so much agony.

When I saw Megan,  the pain drove me into tears. She completely exercised great control and command of the situation. She went beyond her call of duty and employed various strategies on me, all carefully thought out despite having to do it on the spot.

I have seen many physios over the years having had a back operation in 2001. What I saw in Megan was exceptional. I wanted to bring to your attention not only my gratitude but my marvel at such exceptional talent and compassion which is so needed in her profession. I will continue to recommend her services to all in need of physio.”