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Kristina – to put it simply! Knowledge, demonstrations, explanations, feedback and general tips – all fabulous, couldn’t be more helpful!

Excellent teacher, great balance between explanations of exercises and practical time to practice. Reading clear and precise.

Thank you Kristina really enjoyed your teaching style.

Presenter was very approachable, made everyone feel at ease. Very enjoyable.

Kristina was fund and bubbly, very easy to listen to – very knowledgeable.

How everything is made to tie together so exercises can be sequenced in many different ways.

Kristina was a fantastic instructor, knowledgeable / enthusiastic and approachable.

The presenter made learning fun and lovely preambles for some exercises.

I really enjoyed this course. Kristina was great at giving feedback and good clear explanations of exercises and fun.

Kristina was very good at explaining teaching methods (tactile cues etc.)

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