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Practical element to reinforce learning.

Chatty and anecdotal “keeping it real” as well as very informative. Nice group.

Linda was very knowledgeable and made the course innovative and interesting. I would choose one of Linda’s courses in the future!

Enthusiasm, personal experience examples.

Stretches and more progressions within an exercise- was very helpful. Thank you Linda.

Excellent presenter-Linda was professional but made weekend very enjoyable and fun!

Easy to transfer skills into practice. The course presenter was very knowledgeable and made it fun. It has been an enjoyable weekend. Thank you.

Good explanations from presenter, answered all questions. Gave a good amount of time for practice.

Interactive, able to ask questions. Teacher and great knowledge base and personal skills. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nice clear instruction. Loads of time for asking questions. Very knowledgeable instructor.

Lots of fun classes and plenty of time to practice and interact with the groups. Equipment workshop was great.

Linda was fabulous.

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