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• Pippa and Lynley ability to break exercises / information down to basic elements and educate participants.
• Exercise prescription and different levels of the exercises.
• It was well organised, implement, taught and supervised throughout. I enjoyed how the traditional exercises were demonstrated and then the APPI adaptation was shown with progressions. The teachers were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful, and I look forward to continuing my APPI journey.
• Very relevant to my clinical practice. Enjoyed the use of clinical reasoning throughout.
• Practical sessions. Was fun and very informative
• Format, venue
• Great venue, good tutors who were approachable and knowledgeable
• Strong link to physio and clinical practice. Good emphasis on function.
• Everyone was very friendly and helpful
• Clinical relevance of exercises and teaching
• Practical content
• Group discussions, feedback on exercises, friendly instructors

If you had an Assistant Presenter on your course, please comment below on their teaching ability, knowledge, feedback that they gave you, where they inspirational and motivational? 

• All above responses apply to the assistant too – very motivational and demonstrated a very high knowledge and insight and was very approachable
• Yes very much so. Clear, succinct, very positive, and very knowledgeable.
• Pippa added to Lynley’s teaching brilliantly & was available to ask questions throughout the day.
• Yes, was excellent
• Yes, perfect
• Very good, nice to see different styles of teaching
• Very good teacher, nice manner, approachable and knowledgeable