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Pilates for Cyclists is a fantastic specialist CPD course we offer. Here is the feedback from our latest date:

This was obviously a very well thought out and planned course. I enjoyed every minute of the day and couldn’t wait to put it into practise. As always APPI have delivered a fantastic course which I will be recommending to my co-workers. Thank you for a fantastic day, I look forward to signing up for another course soon.

The course gave a great insight into the biomechanics of cycling both for amateurs and professionals which was really useful – how to optimally set up the right positioning on the bike and the mechanics of movement therein. The academic and technical information was great.

As a keen cyclist and also treating a number of amateur cyclists I found the course relevant, interesting, well taught and backed up, where possible, by research. Really good course.

[I enjoyed] Glenn’s knowledge and enthusiasm.

the content was innovative and fresh.

So specific to the target audience.

Good balance of relevant theory and review of current literature without losing the majority of a practical based session. Great new ideas on how to change and apply some of the matwork exercises.

To attend this course yourself, visit the PILATES FOR CYCLISTS booking page.