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14th & 15th June – Matwork Level 1 – London – Laura Bryden

• Very dynamic and practical.
• The presenter was great.
• I enjoyed how I could provide evidential support to benefit the use of Pilates in my practice. I enjoyed the practical elements and though Laura was exceptional in her knowledge of the content and how it could be used in clinical practice. I had a great 2 days with a great group of likeminded people.
• The instructor was kind and understanding
• How relatable it was for my patients already and also how i can use it on different groups of patients • Laura Bryden was a fantastic instructor. She was passionate, approachable and enthusiastic throughout. She gave excellent group and one to one feedback. I would definitely recommend!

2nd & 3rd June – Matwork level 1 – Harrogate – Laura Bryden

• It was mostly practical
• Presenting of it, so practical!
• Practical emphasis
• Large practical element
• The instructor Laura and her teaching
• Inspirational, confident and approachable tutor
• Presenter was excellent…professional yet approachable
• The practical structure
• The presenter was great – she had great knowledge & enthusiasm
• Laura was exceptional at teaching and very knowledgeable. She specifically tailored the teaching to areas we were interested/specialised in, on both a class and 1:1 basis. Starting the course with a Pilates class each day and then breaking down the movements and techniques throughout the rest of the day was a very good layout and flowed well. I am definitely keen to continue attending further matwork/ women’s health courses with the APPI. Excellent course and staff members!
• Laura was a fantastic teacher she explained and taught the practical elements very well. Laura was also motivational inspiring me to continue with my APPI learning.
• Laura was very approachable, and her enthusiasm and knowledge was great. Learnt a lot.
• Laura was very likeable and very knowledgeable
• How practical it was. Laura was a fantastic tutor who was very supportive and inspirational