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We asked participants of the recent Pilates for Hypermobility course presented on 15th September 2017 and hosted by Glenn Withers…

“…what did you particularly like about the course?” Checkout the responses below:

Learning the differences of teaching Pilates to the hypermobile group

New knowledge. Very informative and clearly demonstrated. Good mix of lecture vs practical
Very clear, in depth explanations. Inspirational

All of it

The focus on a specific population and focused movements

Relevant and lots of ideas for exercises

Very informative, learned a lot. Thank you

The clinical reasoning and application. Relevance of specific exercises

Realistic approach showing variety and modifications

Everything. Excellent course

Applying principles to hypermobility using lots of equipment

Discussion points about the exercises. Practical points for clients. Excellent course, very informative. Lots of knowledge

Latest research. Great information and balance between this and practical side

Good balance between practical and theory. Good references, nice ideas for class


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