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Many people I speak to think they’re too inflexible to take part in yoga. Others, predictably tell me that they don’t have time to add yoga to their already very busy schedules. Other times I hear, ‘I’ve tried yoga once and it just wasn’t for me.’ So, I am just going to come out and say it; if you want to continue doing all the activities that you love and enjoy doing now, well into the future as you age, add yoga to your exercise regimen (even if you already do Pilates) and do it quickly. Here are all the reasons why:

Yoga Improves Mind Body Control

Much of yoga focuses on the mind-body connection. If you practice yoga regularly, you’ll find some excellent benefits that will transfer over to your other workout sessions. Ideally, you should see significant improvements in your balance, agility, and coordination. Most importantly, you will become more aware of what your body needs and learn to stop before you hurt yourself.

Yoga is an Excellent Complement to Pilates (and More)

Many people think that adding Pilates to their exercise regimen can replace the need for adding yoga. As beneficial as a Pilates practice is for strengthening, lengthening and maintaining a healthy core and spine, yoga is a different practice and is a wonderful complement and addition to Pilates. Here’s the difference: Pilates tends to be more focused on moves practiced on the ground vs. standing poses, and there is an emphasis on training the core in short sets (such as 10 / 15 reps of each move). In yoga, balance is explored, and so is twisting and allowing your body to explore length and flexibility more than you would in Pilates. Core is also worked in yoga, but classes don't involve counting or sets. Increasing your flexibility in yoga class will enable you to move bigger and deeper in Pilates, it will keep your spine healthy and joints lubricated to allow you to practice other forms of exercise for a longer time. Furthermore, in yoga, various forms of breath work are explored resulting in a sense of relaxation and clarity which makes yoga a moving meditation; the ideal mindful practice.

Yoga Relieves Mental and Physical Stress and Helps You Become More Aware of Your Breathing

Yoga helps you connect breath with movement. By learning to focus on the breath and become more aware of it, your muscles will begin to relax and release the tension they’ve been holding on to. When the body relaxes, the mind in turn relaxes and learns to connect breath and movement instead of rushing from one movement to the next. What we learn on the yoga mat then transfers into real life and everyday situations. We learn to better control our emotions and reactions in difficult situations like arguments, traffic jams, work stress and more.

Yoga Increases Flexibility and Strength

Many people think that yoga is just a bunch of stretches which is not the case. Yoga increases both strength and flexibility. In yoga, poses are held for a few breaths (around 5) whether they be strengthening poses (high lunge or warrior poses for example) or flexibility postures (pigeon pose for example). The yang and yin of a typical yoga class is what makes the practice of yoga very relatable to real life; we hold on and we let go.

Yoga is Not a Competition; it is a Mindful Practice

Contrary to popular beliefs, yoga is not going upside down and bringing your leg over your head. Yoga is accessible and a good teacher will cater to your level so fear not, no one will ask you to do the ‘impossible.’ Yoga is a journey and we are all in it to learn and grow. Yoga is a mindful practice; it is a moving meditation and it is fun. The wonderful thing about a yoga practice is that everyone leaves their ego at the door and learns to be present and be focused; it is not a competition.

Yoga is Not all Serious; it is Fun and Lively

Yoga is often looked at as a serious practice. Many say they can’t ‘sit still’ for too long and they get bored in yoga. There are many different types of yoga and many of them offer a lively music playlist, a lot of smiles and laughter. At APPI, we offer classes that incorporate movement linked to breath and we cater to every single student attentively. Our yoga classes are small ensuring that everyone is looked after and most importantly, enjoying their time and having fun.

Our hope is that you give this phenomenal practice a try; we guarantee that you will not regret it.

We provide mats and yoga props at APPI, so just bring your water bottle and you are set to go.

Yoga Classes at Wimbledon Clinic:

19:15 – Yoga for Stress Release

09:00 – Beginners Vinyasa Flow
10:15 – Intermediate Vinyasa Flow
19:45 – Restorative Yoga

19:00 – Beginners Vinyasa Flow
20:00 – Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

To book your class: 0208 879 7711 or wimbledon@appihealthgroup.com

Yoga Classes at Hampstead Clinic:


To book your class: 0207 794 6560 or hampstead@appihealthgroup.com


Yoga for Stress Release:
Life is full of stress so come, de-stress and slowdown in this 60 minute Yoga for Stress Release class. As we slow down our breath and move into a combination of postures to help release tension in the body, we will learn to slow our breaths, calm our minds, and find clarity and peace. Modifications will be demonstrated, so this class is ideal for all fitness levels.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:
This practice is ideal for those working at beginner or intermediate level with variations of postures being given to accommodate mixed abilities. By moving from posture to posture with a linking Vinyasa, the body is realigned in preparation for the next posture and the body’s internal heat is increased. Strength, flexibility, grounding and stamina are enhanced. The focus is on establishing the key foundations of yoga. Synchronising breath to movement, building internal core strength and general strength and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga:
When life is racing full-speed ahead, so is the mind. Restorative yoga helps provide physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching. Come join us for a 60 minute class of deep stretching to calm the breath and the mind. Modifications will be demonstrated, so this class is ideal for all fitness levels.