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The Original Rehabilitation Method

The APPI has enjoyed immense success with training Physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapists in the Modified Pilates technique. Our success relies on our research based approach to Pilates training. As physiotherapists, we recognise the demand for more specific Pilates training which targets the higher theoretical and practical experience of higher degree therapists. The APPI method presents the most current research relevant to Pilates and teaches a realistic framework of exercises to apply in the clinical setting.

APPI courses are largely practical and interactive. The APPI recognizes that individuals learn differently, therefore its courses include practical sessions (whereby participants are experiencing, observing and practice teaching), assessment workshops (of the deep muscular system), Pilates classes (enabling individuals to enjoy the Pilates experience), case study workshops (to establish clear clinical decision making), workshops on verbal, visual and auditory cueing as well as structured lectures.

A different approach

Pilates is experiencing a boom in the health and fitness worlds. There has also been a recent proliferation of traditional Pilates training courses offered for the general public, fitness instructors and professional health care workers, such as physiotherapists. However, through years of studying and practising Pilates as physiotherapists, it was evident that traditional Pilates courses lacked the specificity and research base for use as a clinical tool in the professional health care setting. Therefore, the APPI has modified the original 34 Pilates matwork exercises to incorporate the recent research on lumbar instability, muscle imbalance and adverse neural tension.

To ensure the continual development of our health care professions, it is vital that our techniques are based on scientific evidence. APPI Modified Pilates is the culmination of years of both physiotherapy and Pilates training. The program is designed in 3 different streams: Matwork Certification, Equipment Certification, and the Continuing Education Program.